They may not be the most glamorous articles of clothing you’ll ever own, but mesh underwear aren’t some hospital novelty all pregnant women are advised to grab/steal. Mesh underwear are incredibly popular amongst people with incontinence issues and men. Especially men, who prefer the perforated naked feel of mesh compared to going au naturel.


Turns out hospitals aren’t the only place that stock these almost naked mesh undies, and we’re going to proof it. Want to know where to buy mens mesh underwear Australia? Check these out.


Side note, all the mainstream online stores stock mesh underwear, including Amazon, eBay, and they’ll be able to deliver your package right here in Australia. But if you’re looking for alternatives to these, here are your options.


#1. DailyJocks


Although not technically an Australian company, DailyJocks has several retail stores in Sydney and Melbourne and a website that caters solely to the Australian market. They’re the go-to authority on all men’s underwear matters including swimwear, sportswear and now mesh. Check out their site and you might find a few exotic pieces didn’t never knew existed, but that will make your life a lot “fresher”.


#2. New Beginnings


Get your unrestricted air flow mesh undies from New Beginnings. They stock both reusable and one time use only mesh underwear in one size fits all, so you don’t have to worry about what you order being ill fitting. But even at that, you can return whatever you don’t like within 30 days, as long as you reside in Australia. Deliveries take an average of just 6 business days.


#3. Express My Lingerie


Mesh underwear are such a borderline life-changing necessity that even exclusively luxury lingerie stores like express my lingerie know to stock them. If you’re in South Australia, you can a store open, if you’d prefer that to ordering online.


Other noteworthy, wholly Australian stores you may find mesh underwear include Honey Birdette and Storm in a D Cup.…