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Track review: Sheppard – ‘Keep Me Crazy’

More electro. Still fun.

Can you believe it was nearly three years ago that Sheppard burst onto the scene with their ridiculously catchy smash hit, Geronimo and their debut record, Bombs Away? Many listeners really took a liking to this band at the time, because they just exuded fun and excitement. You could tell that every member of Sheppard had a blast writing and recording that record; it was colourful, lively and despite its unashamed cheesiness, it was ambitious. It sounded like a group of friends (or siblings, in this case) wanting to take on the world.

Since that record and tour, Sheppard has been relatively silent, releasing a few small singles here and there. However, this new track has perked up a lot more interest, and hopefully may serve as a good teaser to their eventual sophomore effort.

On the surface, Keep Me Crazy certainly lands in the category of the livelier tracks that Sheppard has put out. It’s dynamic, it’s a lot catchier; lyrically, it’s quite clearly aimed at a young audience out to dance the night away, and the hook of the chorus is infectiously fun. That fun Sheppard sound is here in spades.

However, there is – mind the pun – something missing. Sheppard seem to have gone for a more electronic sound in this single, with sequenced percussion and synthesisers front and centre. What’s missing is that organic feeling of the playful ukulele and guitar of Let Me Down Easy, or like what Geronimo provides: those pulsing drums, that noodling guitar in the bridge, the beautiful harmonies of the Sheppard siblings. Keep Me Crazy, with its more refined, sequenced sound, feels more like it’s aiming to please, and considering Sheppard’s past efforts it is, dare we say it, a bit unimaginative.

That being said, it is a cut above a lot of electronic dance songs out there today, and there some moments of acoustic instrumentation like the gorgeous guitar that serve as a really nice touch. This is a song that’s meant to be played in a club or a stadium, with a chorus sung at the top of your voice. Go into it knowing what you’re getting and you’re going to have a great time with it.

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