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Track review: G Flip – ‘About You’

It’s impossible not to get caught up in the whimsical joy and enthusiasm that emanates from a bedroom producer. Tales of fame sprouting from bedroom tinkering are common these days, from the likes of dance producer Skrillex to our own Tash Sultana looping away with her improvised riffs on YouTube.

Now there’s another name to add to that list, and that name is G Flip.

Known as Georgia Flipo to her mum, the Melbourne artist quietly uploaded a track called ‘About You’ to Triple J Unearthed a few weeks ago, and it’s set the internet abuzz – even scoring a review on Pitchfork.

Opening with strong, burgeoning clusters of synth, Flipo’s powerful verses lead into an introspective chorus that calls out to the separated ‘other half’. The chorus drives the song, dragging the listener into an irresistible web of hooky melodies and loops.

Flipo has also released a music video for the track, paying homage to the old VHS format, grainy and nostalgic – depicting her bouncing between instruments with youthful energy.

The video closes with Flipo joyfully playing the drums, the sweet spot where the track crashes into a glorious chorus. Tearing away at the drums with that much creative enthusiasm and energy clearly shows Flipo is right where she needs to be right now as an artist – taking on the world by shredding the drums in her bedroom.

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