Coldplay – Hypnotised

Track review: Coldplay – ‘Hypnotised’

A beautiful blend of old and new.

While everyone has been going crazy over new stuff from Ed Sheeran and Lorde, it’s easy to forget that Brit-rock outfit Coldplay dropped a new track on Thursday night for a new EP they will release in early June.

Titled Hypnotised, the track is a soothing, slow-burning ballad, which contrasts greatly with the bombastic, dense beat-driven tracks of their last record, 2015’s A Head Full of Dreams.

As an album, A Head Full of Dreams always sounded like it was meant to be played live to a giant festival crowd (and it certainly achieved that on the band’s worldwide tour). The sounds of that record are visceral, colourful and lively, however many long-term fans been turned off slightly by the lack of substance in the songwriting, particularly on tracks like X Marks the Spot and Kaleidoscope.

Hypnotised presents a more thoughtful track, and we’re scratching our heads as to why it wasn’t included on A Head Full of Dreams.

The track starts off with noodling synthesisers and piano, before launching into the main melody with a soothing vibe arriving in the form of Chris Martin’s vocals. Many fans have already noted the similarity between this track and the early works of Pink Floyd. It feels like a beautiful blend of old and new Coldplay, with the simple, yet effective songwriting lending itself nicely to the colourful sounds.

Coldplay also nails a soaring hook in the pre-chorus with Jonny Buckland’s guitar, and once the percussion and bass establishes itself at the end of the first chorus the song comes into its own with a beautiful swaying rhythm. The song reaches its crescendo on the back of Buckland’s guitar, strings and synthesisers in the coda. Those strings prove to be a nice finishing touch, and feel like they should be leading into the song Amazing Day on A Head Full of Dreams.

Overall, if this song had been on that album, it would have served as a nice breather from many of the louder stadium-filling tracks like Adventure of a Lifetime and Hymn for the Weekend. But, as a teaser (along with their current chart-topper with The Chainsmokers, Something Just Like This), this track seems to suggest there will be plenty to like in the new EP, and hopefully serve as a nice closer to the Head Full of Dreams era for the band.

Kaleidoscope EP is out June 2.

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