Chasing Giants

Track Review: Chasing Giants – ‘Bad News’ feat. Ethan Conway

A Pulsing, Piano Rock Gem

Following the rise of rock groups like Gang of Youths and Polish Club out of the Sydney suburbs, the last twelve months has seen a lot of Sydney-based rock bands start to find greater success on the national stage.

From the unyielding charm of Georgia June to the left field talents of one-woman show Domenica, to the exciting genre-bending style of Vinny Lunar, it’s fair to say that the Harbour City is home to some incredibly talented up-and-coming musicians.

One of the most surprising is three-piece Chasing Giants Last year, the group released several singles and performed at venues like The Factory Theatre and the Gundaroo Music Festival. However, their biggest achievement was making it to the National Battle of the Bands Grand Final at the Metro Theatre, which saw them finish in third.

2018 is looking to be an even bigger year, with their debut EP scheduled to be dropped in February. One of their most popular teaser tracks has been the piano ballad, ‘Bad News’, and it isn’t hard to see why. Utilising the vocal talents of fellow Soul/Pop musician Ethan Conway, the track is a pulsing, piano rock gem.

The track sets the stage beautifully with a delightful piano intro and Conway’s bluesy vocals that almost feel Adele-inspired. Conway’s delivery reeks with a crooning sadness; it feels like he’s sitting in the back of a bar, drinking his sorrows away.

As he sings about a mismatched relationship that is damaging him, the track builds with drums and a hypnotic call-and-response from the rest of the band. The chorus sees the track settle into a easy-going groove built around the piano and the crisp percussion, almost feeling like something Jack White would have put together.

The acapella singing of the rest of the band in it’s instrumental passage adds a really nice touch, and when the song explodes into it’s final chorus with organs and a sweet guitar solo, it complements nicely to the swelling anxiety that Conway is showing in his delivery.

This is a really promising taster from Chasing Giants. Yes, it may not reinvent the wheel with it’s sound, but it is a well-written and beautifully performed track, and one that wears it’s roots on it’s sleeve. It’s one of those tracks that gets better the more you think about it. If this is just a taster of what’s to come on their EP, then I say, bring it on!

Chasing Giant’s new EP will be out in February 2018. 

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