Track review: Asgeir – ‘Stardust’

Strong as ever and bodes well for the future.

Paradoxical as it may sound, get excited to chill the heck out. With the release of new single Stardust, Asgeir’s forthcoming album Afterglow (May 5) is shaping up to be another flight upon dulcet Icelandic winds accompanied again by his father’s starkly beautiful poetry. This is a second tease of the new record, after February’s release of Unbound, a pained and subdued wonder.

Stardust is on Asgeir’s more energised side; it moves, and you might also. It’s almost funky once settled into a rhythm, however the odd timing movement of the chorus diffuses some of that groove and recalls the reality that this is as pensive and emotive as anything he’s released before.

Instrumentally, Asgeir has retained, if not improved upon, his usual melange of analog and digital. A percussive guitar riff, reminiscent of a Michael Jackson record, gives some rhythmic diversity while mellow, low-attack synth pads osmose with multiple vocal layers to form a swelling warmth that fills your ear and makes you want to travel to Reykjavík very badly.

Give the song a listen, and prepare for what is looking to be another exceptional release from one of Iceland’s finest bards.

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