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Review: The Presets at Metropolis Fremantle, 13 June 2018

Iconic electro duo The Presets have a knack for turning any party from level 1 to 100 in an instant, and Wednesday night at Metropolis Fremantle was no exception.

The Sydney pair have been meshing dance, rock and pop for 15 years, creating house party anthems like ‘My People’ and ‘Talk Like That’. Their first LP in six years, Hi Viz, is their most bright, bold and beat-astic work to date.

As The Presets kicked off their tour with a generous, two-hour set, the packed, midweek crowd was boogying like it was a Saturday night.

Captivating backing visuals were the perfect accompaniment to dance anthems from their four albums, creating an immersive, hallucinogenic experience. If the party vibe wasn’t clear enough, drummer Kim Moyes decided to wear a red party wig, resembling a crazed clown.

Lead vocalist Julian Hamilton, now 41, showed off his unique monotone vocals and had the crowd truly screaming with him as the baseline of their biggest hit, ‘My People’, began.

The pair saluted the crowd and Hamilton took centre stage for the first and only time during the set. “You’ve got a good vibe Perth, on a Wednesday night too, holy shit!”

Letting their sound do the talking, they held back on crowd interaction; the crowd was pumped up enough.

New boppers ‘Martini’, ‘Tools Down’ and ‘Downtown Shutdown’ were welcomed like a warm summer breeze and enjoyed just as much their much-loved classics. ‘Ghosts’ had young and old fans marching and fist pumping like EDM militants and an extended remix of ‘Boys In Love’ was a treat.

The crowd took the lyrics to ‘Do What You Want’ literally, getting up on shoulders and creating their own space to dance freely rather than clumping to the front. Defying the laws of live music sets, there was barely a lull in their performance. Staggering their biggest hits earlier on, they sustained the energy even in less known tracks, choosing to play an 8 minute trance mix for encore.

The Presets know no limits, and their Hi-Viz album seems a beacon in the EDM industry, providing more classic dance jams to their repertoire that satisfy old and new fans alike.

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