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Picture: Sharon Burgess

Review: Polish Club at The Rosemount Hotel, Perth, 16 December 2017

A very merry Christmas.

Christmas came early to the Rosemount on Saturday night in the form of a festive Polish Club looking to celebrate their final show of the Christmas In December Tour with travel companions West Thebarton. WAM Award winning singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly was a welcome addition for the Perth leg.

A yuletide gift of this scale is like getting a puppy for Christmas: it’s fun, playful and bound to get a little messy.

An already busy venue soaked up the extremely talented and witty Donnelly, who was mesmerising as always with a beautiful version of ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ that kept even this festive crowd to a pin-drop silence.

West Thebarton hit the stage en masse. What’s better than a two guitar attack? Three?  Screw that. Let’s have four! While we’re at it, two drummers. Hey, let’s get Novak (from Polish Club) on for a song. Why not? As the stage seethed with bodies and equipment, it was obvious the WT crew don’t do things by halves. They were here for a good time, giving an epic performance that at times to threatened lift the roof clean off the Rosemount, particularly during the final song Moving Out.

With punters oiled up and full of Christmas cheer, what better way to open a Polish Club Christmas show than with a fuzzed up version of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. It’s impossible to watch a Polish Club performance and not smile. Novak and John-Henry Palak beamed like a pair of split watermelons for the entire set.

The mischievous duo were hell-bent on dropping their own special brand of atomic-sized Christmas cracker on the Rosemount and the fallout was total satisfaction. A frantic ‘Gimme Money’ had pulses running, ‘Watchuknow’ got hips shaking and the soulful ‘Divided’ brought the venue into full chorus. A full throttle delivery of ‘Come Party’ ended the set while morphing briefly into Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’.

This jovial crowd wasn’t going to let the boys get away that easily and the inevitable encore delivered the classic cover of Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’ from the band’s Triple J Like A Version appearance.

The party continued with a cover of ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic, with West Thebarton welcomed back on stage to join in the celebrations. Smiles, hugs, the skolling of a litre of milk (yep) and a controlled, slow-motion stage dive through the drum kit, brought the revelry and tour to a satisfying end.

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