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Review: Lisa Mitchell at Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Perth, 27 October 2016

Mystical fun.

For fans of crisp vocals, well-crafted lyrics and fun music to bounce to, Lisa Mitchell’s Perth show ticked all the right boxes. With a set list leaning more towards her latest releases and only a slight nod to her past music, it was still a fun gig to be at – helped by a well-meaning crowd who were out for a good time. Supported by the likes of Dean Lewis and BUOY, the show at Jack Rabbit Slim’s was a stellar gig packed with the finest indie music, across a range of dynamic genres.

Lewis kicked off the night with hyper-emotional lyrics easily illustrated by the emotive qualities of his vocals. Paired nicely with his instrumentation, Lewis’ sound emanated around the venue nicely, with the punters lapping up his music and expressing their satisfaction by nodding to the gentle beats he provided. Waves was one of the tracks that particularly hit home and packed an emotional punch.

BUOY emerged on stage in a vaguely military-esque grunge outfit, looking casual and trendy. Her music held a half-empty, half-full mentality, demonstrated by the reactions of the crowd. Some treated it like a DnB set, going physically nuts to the choruses and others treated it more as a chill-step session, preferring to tune out and kick back on a Thursday night. In every essence of the word, BUOY was chill. Maintaining a relaxed demeanour, she cycled through the tracks from her Break EP, effortlessly dabbling with stripped back beats and tasty techno.

Punters burst with excitement when Mitchell’s set came around. Sporting vividly coloured, oriental-styled garb, Mitchell looked mystical. A talented backing band helped bolster Mitchell’s emotional lyrics and vocals, adding a sense of awe to hits both new and old. Her shy and quiet nature when it came to interacting with the crowd only increased the impact of her vocals. Kicking off her set with new tracks Warhol and The Boys, the nice combination of lilting vocals and artistically arranged instrumentation created a performance which was raw, rough and ready.

BUOY briefly reappeared as a guest vocalist, and Mitchell continued to cycle through a skilful performance with songs like Josephine, What Is Love and Spiritus drawing much enthusiasm from the crowd.

As the night came to a close, Mitchell whipped out some old favourites, including the bouncy crowdpleaser Oh Hark. Feeling more like a party, the crowd began to demand “one more song” after Mitchell whisked herself away with the band backstage. After a brief pause, Mitchell emerged for an encore featuring an intimate rendition of acoustic heartthrob Love, Death X and then a pick-me-up with Clean White Love. 

Mitchell left the stage with the crowd in awe, proving once again she is more than just a reality TV runner-up.

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