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Review: Lime Cordiale at the Brightside, Brisbane, 17 November 2017

Sweaty, intense

It’s ‘Risky Love heading to a Lime Cordiale gig at the moment. The boys from Sydney’s northern beaches are on a war path, shredding shows across the country as we speak.

After beginning the Permanent Vacation tour in Perth last month, Lime made their way to Brisbane’s sold-out Brightside last Friday night, and disappoint they did not, bringing with them an intense, energetic and sweaty performance.

The band weren’t messing around from the get-go, kicking off the night with involvement-inducing, party-provoking beach anthem ‘Can I Be Your Lover’, before progressing deep into the newest members of their repertoire. ‘Giving Yourself Over’ and ‘What is Growing Up’ were cited as stand-outs of the night by those in attendance, as the charismatic Leimbach brothers roped the audience in with their charm and style.

However, old songs die hard and the arguable highlight of the night, if we absolutely have to name one, was 2015’s ‘Not That Easy. At times, it was difficult to hear Louis’ sumptuous vocals, as the passionate Brisbane audience couldn’t help but sing and chant along with, and over, the lyricist. Similar drowning out came when 2016’s Waking Up Easy was smashed out, as the band let the crowd take over to belt out the still-relevant summer anthem.

Just when the Brightside appeared to have reached peak passion and love for the boys, Lime signed out with smash hit ‘Temper Temper’, the trombone-tastic first release from Permanent Vacation.

However, the fans weren’t done with them, and after only 30 seconds of pleading for just one more squeeze of Lime juice, the performers obliged to smash out 2011’s brassy fanfare ‘Bullshit Aside’. Inviting, or rather allowing, members of the crowd to jump on stage and dance with the band, Lime Cordiale left their mark on Brisbane for another year.

After the show, Oli Leimbach, vocalist and guitarist, said “I thought nothing could top Melbourne last week, but man that was insane”, with brother Louis adding that “we definitely felt appreciated up there”.

And with that, Lime Cordiale trekked onto the Sunshine Coast to continue their nation-wide tour, concluding in early December in North Queensland. If possible, paying a visit to one of their concerts is a must, as good music and good times are always had by all.

To Lime Cordiale; Brisbane doesn’t only love you when you’re gone, we love you when you perform.

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Tour dates

Rad Bar & Cafe – Wollongong, NSW – 23 November

Transit Bar – Canberra, ACT – 24 November

Metro Theatre – Sydney, NSW – 25 November

Republic Bar – Hobart, TAS – 01 December

Club 54 – Launceston, TAS – 02 December

Dalrymple Hotel – Townsville, QLD – 08 December

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