Kim Churchill
File photo. Picture: Lucinda Goodwin

Review: Kim Churchill at Fremantle Arts Centre, 13 October 2017

Raw talent.

Indie folk singer Kim Churchill graced Fremantle Arts Centre on Friday night with his highly anticipated second album. A blood orange sky and tropical air were the perfect additions to his fun and laid back performance. After the sunset, hundreds of fairy lights appeared and so too did fans craving Churchill’s summer vibes.

Surfy bleach-blonde hair and a horizon sized grin, Churchill was welcomed with an eruption of applause and opened with the first song from his new album titled Weight_Falls. Confessing to scrapping his previous workings in their final stages, he produced the 13 tracks in only a week.

“Now that’s productivity!” shouted someone from the crowd.

The diverse audience sprawled on picnic blankets, not disheartened by the gentle sprinkle of rain. Churchill was right at home, welcoming the crowd to sit, stand or dance as they please. The latter option was most preferred, the crowd flocking to the pendant lit stage like seagulls as the set progressed.

It was impossible to resist Churchill’s musical mastery; playing harmonica, drums & guitar while showing off some impressive vocals cords. His two enthusiastic backing percussionists enhanced his thought-provoking lyrics and catchy rifts.

Generously offering some context to his songs, Churchill told the story of Rosemary, the lady his mentally ill Granddad fell in love with in hospital. He soothed the crowd with lyrics “It’s all going to be fine love” and the lighters and phones appeared on cue.

Upbeat crowd favourite Second Hand Car left the lawn decorated with wine bottles and pizza boxes as everyone abandoned their belongings and jumped to their feet. Finishing with his biggest hits, Breakneck Speed and Triple J Top 50 Hit Windows to the Sky, the crowd belted out every lyric with Churchill’s encouragement.

The unwavering crowd called for one more song and there was uncertainty as to whether the Canberra-born dreamboat would reappear for an encore. A sigh of relief and a smile larger than ever, he introduced his title track. He wrote the song at 6am on a Monday morning and finished it by 6.45am. Stripped back; No instruments, one mic, two comical back up singers and a lot of clicking fingers, the song gave a personal insight into the musician, exhibiting his raw talent.

There is no doubt Churchill can pull heartstrings just as well as guitar strings. With his infectious stage presence, genuine nature and dedicated work ethic, this Aussie artist is only going up.

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