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Review: Katy Perry at Perth Arena, 24 July 2018

Having travelled the globe for the past 12 months in support of her Witness album, Katy Perry has finally reached our shores and is winding up this epic tour with a run across Australia and New Zealand.

Australia’s first chance to take in the spectacle that is a Katy Perry concert was Tuesday night at the Perth Arena, and our minds are still recovering.

New comer Starley opened the night with an extremely solid performance. Armed with an exceptional voice, Starley appeared at home in the arena environment and delivered a set based mainly around her upcoming album.

Her natural, down to earth nature was a pleasure to soak in, and personal stories shared were warmly received by the filling venue. A cover of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ encouraged a sing-along from the crowd.

There’s a real buzz in the air at a performance where children outnumber the adults. The excitement gauges of these little humans were already peaking, when with three, teasing, hype-building false starts, it threatened to boil over.

Enter pop superstar Katy Perry. Bursting to stage through a giant eye, she hovered in riding atop a silver star, singing her title track, ‘Witness’, dressed in gold like a sexy C3P0. Perry’s entrance was never going to be modest and now the bar had been set. Confetti canons in the first ten minutes suggest going too hard too early, but no.

Perth Arena became a living, breathing Jack-in-the-Box, fuelled by teen screams and blinking Katy Kat head bands, with colourful, ridiculous props continually springing forth from backstage. Quite a visual experience, and one helluva trip.

All the favourite songs were here, but it was the delivery of them that took centre stage. Every piece of arena real estate was used. A bejewelled Perry, playing guitar, sang ‘Wide Awake’ while riding Saturn over the adoring fans, surrounded by glowing planets. She landed on a tear drop to sing another tune, took off on Saturn again in a laser show light storm, just to land and grow flapping wings. I could not make this up if I tried.

‘E.T.’ was sung with an alien wasp while, ’Bon Appetite’ was sung from the mouth of a Venus fly trap which ultimately ate Perry up. Huge salt ‘n’ pepper shakers were used to add that extra Perry-Perry flavour, and 10-foot flamingos danced with KP to the Master Chef anthem of ‘Hot N Cold’.

Bizarre stuff aside, Perry can really sing. She was fantastic to hear live and the sideshow antics were icing on the cake. Finishing with ‘Roar’ and ‘Firework’ was the finale everyone was waiting for.

Unfortunately, many small humans had depleted their fuel tanks by this stage, and were probably snoring from the back seat on the Kwinana Freeway.

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