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Review: Husky at Mojo’s Bar, Perth, 21 April 2018

Melbourne indie-folk duo Husky played an intimate gig at Mojo’s Bar in Fremantle on Saturday night, as the last stop on their national ‘Walking In Your Sleep’ single tour.

Joining Husky for the Fremantle leg of the tour was Perth band Wooly Mammoth, who played a bevy of indie-rock tracks to ease the crowd into the night.

Following Wooly Mammoth’s set, was Melbourne based Hachiku, who joined Husky for all stops on their tour. Hachiku’s indie dream-pop set provided an ethereal atmosphere that seemed to fit in perfectly with the venue. Her whimsical vocals, combined with playing multiple instruments, showcased an immense talent which will make her one to watch in the future.

Mojo’s Bar provided an intimate atmosphere for the evening, and whilst perhaps on the smaller side, Husky still played a big show to a small venue. If there were moments when the crowd weren’t getting hyped up with the band, it was because they seemed in awe of the talent and passion Husky brought to the stage.

Previously being more of an acoustic-folk leaning duo, Husky’s latest album Punchbuzz, released last year, provided a tonal shift for the band, which now takes on more of an indie-rock feel. Despite having a few albums up their sleeve, the band mainly played their newer tracks throughout the night.

The boys kicked off their set by playing ‘Walking In Your Sleep’, the tour’s titular track, which was a hit with the crowd. The slightly improvised solo of got the crowd to connect with the band’s energy, building the momentum up for the night. Other notable tracks that were played were ‘Late Night Store’, ‘Cracks In The Pavement’, and their latest album’s namesake, ‘Punchbuzz’.

Later into their set, Husky brought Hachiku up on stage to perform a cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Let It Happen’ together, prompting an excitable response from the crowd. In this, Husky and Hachiku’s voices intertwined and complimented each other superbly in a way that truly did the original justice.

All in all, the energy Husky brought to the intimate venue allowed for them to connect with fans whilst still putting on a lively performance. The ‘Walking In Your Sleep’ run may be over, but they’re a notoriously prolific touring act, so keep your eyes open for more dates in future.

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