Client Liaison

Review: Client Liaison at Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Perth, 16 March 2017

The tour deserves to be completely sold out.

Client Liaison staged up at Jack Rabbit Slim’s on Thursday night for their first of many sold out shows around the country for their Diplomatic Immunity album tour, the name shared with their debut album. The venue was a hive of excitement from the get go – some punters wasted no time picking out their favourite vantage spots, while others were all too keen to get onto the dancefloor in preparation for the opening act.

Adelaide’s Luke Million was that guy, a synth fiend who became renowned around the world last year when he dropped a cover of Stranger Things’ theme track and absolutely nailed it. That track, and the entirety of his set list was a joy to take in – there’s something about him that just keeps everyone paying attention; his onstage persona is incredibly likeable and his production is top notch – he’s managed to generate a signature sound while keeping each track fresh and distinctive from the last. As such, the crowd absolutely ate it up, and he finished on a high note with Arnold, getting the crowd to participate in bobbing up and down at Schwarzenegger’s command. It was the perfect warm up for what would be an absolutely superb headlining act.

The onstage props were unveiled between sets, giving us a trip back to ‘90s Australiana; there were big office water coolers coupled with indoor fern trees; a bulky, old-school computer monitor; and a tall, thin reading lamp. The lights dimmed and a huge roar went up as the opening bars to album opener Canberra Won’t Be Calling Tonight began to play. Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller AO entered the stage from opposing sides – Miller took his place behind the deck, looking cool as shit in the process, and Morgan grabbed the mic. Vision of question time in parliament was projected onto the screen behind the stage for the politically-tinged track, before the duo invited live band members Tom Tilley and Geordie Miller to the stage, guitars at the ready, to play Where Do We Belong.

The entire set was incredibly theatrical, with spotlights pointing every which way and Morgan absolutely tearing up the stage with his killer dance moves and mic tosses. There was even a bit of room for Morgan, Tilley, and G. Miller to synchronise their actions in front of the adoring crowd. Fans were constantly clambering onto their mate’s shoulders to get shots for their social media accounts, and Morgan was more than happy to be a part of it, striking all manner of poses as he sung.

Older favourite Queen had the audience echoing back the lyrics to the band, but the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the encore, when they re-emerge to the roar of “One more song!” to perform the glaring omission from the main setlist, World Of Our Love, which had everyone dancing and singing along as the band grooved with all their might. It was a stellar ending to a top notch live show – the rest of the country is in for an absolute treat.

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