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Angus and Julia Stone perform at Perth Concert Hall - Picture: André Avila

Review: Angus and Julia Stone at Perth Concert Hall, 29 September 2017

Stunning, Magical

Sydney siblings Angus and Julia Stone have been enchanting audiences across the globe for over a decade. Their heartfelt boy-girl harmonies, catchy folk acoustics and authentic lyrics have put them in a genre of their own.

After taking a break to explore solo careers, they returned to Australia for the release of their fourth record, Snow (September 15).

Perth Concert Hall was sold out for the final show of their Australian tour, and the audience buzzed with expectation. Swapping their humble festival and Astor Theatre stages for a full-scale production, the duo’s genuine flair was not lost, but shone more magically than ever. The refined, two-hour set was accompanied with stunning visual backings, lightings and faultless transitions.

Julia seduced the crowd with her trumpet and tambourine and Angus’ harmonica was met with an eruption of applause.

Julia twirled in a frilled mini dress and sequin heeled boots, her distinctive child-like pitch contrast with her sexy and sophisticated stage presence. Thick-bearded Angus strummed on a mountain engraved guitar, providing complimentary husky vocals. The audience fell in love with them all over again as they were taken on a journey to a snowy mountainside cabin.

After introducing the audience to their new works, they brought back some old favourites including Heart Beats Slow, Wherever You Are and Private Lawns.

Julia seduced the crowd with her trumpet and tambourine and Angus’ harmonica was met with an eruption of applause. There was even a banjo appearance from one of the band members, who cha-chaed with Julia.

The siblings didn’t neglect their individual works either, with Angus playing Uptown Folk from his Dope Lemon project. While Julia didn’t offer any of her darker working from By The Horns, she did play For You, telling the audience that she wrote it after a painful breakup in an effort to get her boyfriend back (a song she has played every show for the last eight years).

While the crowd wasn’t treated to anymore more stories, they did get the opportunity to chant back “maybe this is where we belong” with the duo as, Julia belted out Your House My House to the heavens.

It would not be an Angus and Julia Stone concert without Big Jet Plane, the hit that spurred them into the spotlight. It was stripped back, but not as stunning as some of the other songs performed; a true sign of how they have both matured since the 2010 Single of The Year.

Fake snow poured from the ceiling for their final song, and Angus playfully filled his trumpet with the flakes. Met with a standing ovation, an encore was inevitable.

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