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Review: Angus and Julia Stone at Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth, 26 May 2018

Sydney singer-songwriters Angus and Julia Stone have a reputation for stellar performances, evidenced by a string of sold-out shows in support of their fourth album Snow.

Despite recent heavy rainfall in Perth, the weather held out for almost the entire show at Fremantle Arts Centre. This was greatly appreciated by punters as Julia encouraged them to gaze up at the stars during her rendition of ‘Santa Monica Dream’.

The Arts Centre was the perfect outdoor venue for this performance, with some people sitting on picnic blankets while others stood closer to the stage, ready to dance.

The night kicked off with Melbourne singer-songwriter Angie McMahon, who performed a great set to get the crowd in the mood. Her debut single ‘Slow Mover’, which came in at #33 in last year’s Triple J’s Hottest 100, was a hit with the crowd. McMahon impressed with a great cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Silver Springs’ along with her latest single, ‘Missing Me’.

The Stone siblings arrived onstage before a cheering crowd and opened their set with ‘Draw Your Swords’. They played a bunch of tracks from their latest album Snow as well of some older songs, and even previewed some brand new material.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly ‘Chateau’, with the crowd singing and dancing along to their biggest recent hit. Julia showcased her multi-instrumental talents during ‘Private Lawns’, playing the trumpet one-handed while holding her guitar in the other hand.

The Stones’ voices complemented each other perfectly, with Julia’s higher pitch contrasting with Angus’ deep voice in a way that just works. This, combined with beautiful lyrics and simple production made for a fantastic performance.

While the Arts Centre is a huge venue, the pair still delivered an intimate performance full of emotional connection.

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