The Barden Bellas delivered some stellar mash-ups in Pitch Perfect 2.

Top 5 movie soundtracks of 2015 …so far

Soundtrack music is almost like seeing the movie again, but with my ears.

- Dave Attell

A great movie soundtrack is like a killer mixtape you didn’t have to spend hours painstakingly putting together.

Often, we stumble upon songs we’d never have heard if it wasn’t for a bunch of misfit high schoolers getting detention (a la The Breakfast Club) or Baby and Johnny meeting at Kellerman’s in the summer of ’63 (everyone’s guilty pleasure, Dirty Dancing).

It’s time to sit back and hit play as we (cue 20th Century Fox intro) bring you our Top 5 Best Movie Soundtracks of 2015, so far. 

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey

Audiences flocked to theatres, covered their eyes and peeped through their fingers to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. Meanwhile, they were listening to the sexiest soundtrack to make this list. It managed to make an overly erotic film even more, well, erotic – a feat that seemed almost impossible. The music is passionate, steamy, and sexy.

Beyonce’s slowed-down rendition of her famous hit Crazy in Love is both raunchy and powerful, proof that a fun song can be turned on its head and morphed into a something quite naughty. Don’t forget about Ellie Goulding’s beautiful vocals, shedding light on one of the year’s most popular hits Love Me Like You Do.

Of course, this soundtrack peaked at number one. Mr Grey would be pleased.

  1. Pitch Perfect 2

The Pitch Perfect films are built on unforgettable singing. This soundtrack didn’t disappoint, encompassing everything we loved about the music in the original and more. Whether it’s the inspirational Jessie J hit Flashlight or the a capella mash-up of Timber, We got the World, and Wrecking Ball, the Barden Bellas haven’t taken a foot off of the accelerator, and neither have their competition. Oh, and who doesn’t love an all male vocal group powerfully busting out Mika’s Lollipop?


  1. Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

‘We’ve come a long way from where we began / oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again’

We bet you could keep singing to what are, arguably, the most memorable lyrics of 2015. See You Again by Wiz Khlalifa ft. Charlie Puth complements the respect and love many have for this franchise. Of course, the entire soundtrack is as strong as the biceps on Dwayne Johnson. It’ll make you cry, too – just listen to Remembrance by Brian Tyler. We miss you, Paul.

  1. Paper Planes

Take the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, a combination of Australia’s finest vocalists, and an incredible story about a passionate Australian boy who dreams of creating the greatest paper plane the world has ever seen. Tell that story with music, and you get a movie soundtrack that is both memorable and warming. Arranged by ARIA-winning composer Nigel Westlake, its upbeat arrangements convey youthful excitement in a world of unlimited fun. It’s not all like this, though. Intense melodies with an air of sadness are woven throughout,giving this soundtrack a depth and moodiness that will keep you coming back for more.

  1. Jurassic World: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This record-breaking film has a soundtrack that is just as strong. The trademark John Williams Jurassic Park theme music from the 1993 blockbuster is enhanced and re-performed, bringing back to life not only the dinosaurs, but the magic and breathtaking nature of the entire series. This soundtrack is a combination of emotion and suspense with a varying pace that keeps listeners guessing.

Composer Michael Giacchino had big shoes to fill and leaves no room for error, creating the perfect accompaniment for the most successful film of the year thus far.

*Peak Spot denotes the highest point reached on the Australian Record Industry Association Charts (unless otherwise stated) as of 15 July 2015.

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