Review: Illy at The Tivoli, 8 April 2017

A fitting end for his biggest tour to date.

Off the back of his widely successful latest album, Illy performed his final show of the ‘Two Degrees’ national tour at The Tivoli in Brisbane on Saturday, and did so in supreme fashion.

Supporting acts for the tour included Australian artists Maribelle, Spit Syndicate and Paces. All three brought fresh, fun vibes to the stage, preparing the crowd for showstopping headline performance.

Illy introduced himself with a big “What the fuck is up, Brisbane?!”, before launching straight into his song Forget It. The crowd reacted in kind, jumping around like animals while vying for a spot to grab some phone footage.

The Melbourne artist was filled with positive charisma as he skipped side to side on the stage. He was more than happy to pass his microphone to the ladies in the front row for Looks Could Kill, while his 2013 hit Youngbloods sent the entire devoting audience into overdrive.

Catch 22 kept the hype and energy of every punter at the highest of levels, with many audience members singing along word for word and showing why Illy’s sixth album has received so much attention and praise. From top to bottom the venue was clad in Illy merch, and there were even a few lyric tattoos spotted around the place. He paused to thank the crowd for helping sell out his final tour, to which he received a big cheer.

Illy closed the set with his song Highway, much to the crowd’s delight, but they weren’t ready for him to finish yet – as he walked off the stage, everyone rallied together, chanting “Illy, Illy, Illy!”

Thankfully, he returned to treat the crowd to not one, but four more tracks. The crowd’s roar hit its peak when the hip hop star performed Hottest 100 favourite Papercuts, ending the night on the highest of highs.

Illy welcomed all of the support acts back on stage, and applauded them for joining him on tour, capping off what was well and truly an evening of music to remember.

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