EP Review: Lupa J – ‘A House I Don’t Remember’

Vibrant and a little Creepy

Triple J Unearthed artist Imogen Jones, more commonly known as Lupa J, is one magnificently talented lady. A classically trained violinist in her youth, the Sydney artist has grown into an electronic indie producer, stunning crowds at BIGSOUND Festival earlier this year in Brisbane with her interesting, organic sound.

Having dropped three original tracks at only fifteen years old, Lupa is no stranger to the music scene, and has, so far, released two EP’s; The Seed in 2014 and My Right Name in 2016.

I wrote A House I Don’t Remember while thinking a lot about memory; what people remember from their younger years, what they’ve unconsciously forgotten or buried, and why. – Lupa J

She returns now with A House I Don’t Remember; a weird, eerie but well-crafted EP which was released to adoring fans on October 13. Dripping with the influence of artists such as Radiohead, Portishead and Grimes, ‘House‘ demonstrates Lupa’s progress in the journey to discover her own, quirky sound.

A pure example of this peculiar flavour lies in the opening track, Keep Back. It starts off with mysterious sounds, then leaps into electro synths and Lupa’s unique vocals, highlighting bold bass lines and keys that tweak the tune into something beautiful.

On Evaporate, Lupa’s vocals shine with mild tingles and powerful synths. reminiscent of the soft, wondrous tone of Sarah Blasko.

I was looking at those I’m closest to and wondering about how specific events from their childhood have shaped them, particularly in the patterns they fall into with relationships and friendships. For the most part it’s about a realisation that we are helpless to heal others from these aspects of their past, and can only really help ourselves. – Lupa J

All Talked Out is a shadowy track that shows off Lupa’s delicate vocals, and draws vivid contrast with the vibrant energy seen elsewhere on ‘House‘.

All in all Lupa J has crafted a creepy, cool album that will engage you with dark melodies and subtle beats. A House I Don’t Remember is an open window into Lupa J’s thoughts, and is certainly a record to remember.

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