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Review: Confidence Man at The Triffid, Brisbane, 4 May 2018

After playing both Splendour In The Grass and Falls Festival last year, followed by Groovin the Moo this year, Confidence Man are easily becoming one of the most exciting live acts in the country. Fresh off the release of their debut record Confident Music for Confident People, their show at the Triffid on Friday night certainly lived up to the hype.

The Melbourne band’s first headline Brisbane show was set to be a knockout after selling out just hours before they were set to take the stage. Support act The Lex Deluxe Dance Hall featuring the Mystery Twins nicely warmed up the crowd, and the twins’ power poses and interspersed dance breaks got everyone ready to get weird.

And get weird they did, as Confidence Man’s Janet Planet and Sugar Bones arrived onstage.

Opening with ‘Bubblegum’, their popular second single, Janet and Sugar explosively emerged in white, pearl-encrusted outfits, contrasting from the now iconic black veils donned by silent members Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie. Upbeat keyboard melodies of the song alongside their twirling moves really got the party started.

Janet and Sugar performed a perfect blend of choreographed, synchronised dance moves, their limbs chaotically flailing about to their dynamic and lively tunes. They danced for the entire set with so much energy and so little care, it’s no wonder their lungs didn’t give out.

‘Fascination’ followed, and Janet and Sugar’s rhythmic leans and long vocal notes during the chorus had the crowd swaying with them. The crowd’s enthusiastic boogying during ‘Better Sit-Down Boy’ saw Janet exclaim to the crowd “Thanks for dancing!” before running off stage for what would be the first of many costume changes for the evening.

Janet and Sugar re-emerged in new white get-ups with matching black speed dealer sunglasses before diving into two of their slower songs ‘C.O.O.L Party’ and ‘All The Way’ (read: songs that have slightly less of a rave vibe than their other tunes).

As Reggie and Clarence kept up the smooth drums and jumpy keyboard, another costume change saw Janet and Sugar don full length tweed jackets with matching short-shorts. Once the beat dropped, so did their jackets, revealing Sugar’s illuminated shoulder pads and Janet’s illuminated bra rhythmically flashing to the pumping beat of ‘Try Your Luck’.

The main set ended with their most popular song ‘Boyfriend’, where the plucking bassline and repetitive melody got everyone bopping along. Janet got the crowd onto the floor during the humming bridge, only to have everyone explode to their feet and “get down” when the beat returned.

The crowd’s incessant chanting brought the band back out for an encore of newly released single ‘Out The Window’. ‘Boyfriend’ would’ve been a much better closer, but maybe they weren’t expecting such an eager crowd on their first night of the tour.

Confidence Man will be moving on to Europe once their Australian tour comes to a close, but odds are they’ll be back home soon to continue their successful run.

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