Mia Dyson If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back

Album Review: Mia Dyson – ‘If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back’

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Mia Dyson’s sixth studio album, If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back, since she dropped Idyllwild in 2014. The Aussie rocker’s latest installment, which arrives on March 9, is comprised of intricate melodies and solos that fluctuate in tone and mood.

The record contains its share of slower-paced tracks, with gentle picking and strumming over soft vocals, contrasted by more upbeat songs where Dyson lets loose the more powerful side of her voice.

On IISOSFITIB, her songwriting has taken a more introspective approach than ever before as she illustrates ideas ranging from conflict to acceptance.

The opening track on the album, ‘Being Scared’, is a calmer one in which Dyson repeats that “there’s no end to being scared”. In this, she reflects on the album’s theme of being open in such a divided political climate, and how fear is an ever-present force that needs to be overcome.

Released as a single in late January, ‘Fool’ has more of a pop-rock feel, meditating on Dyson’s own self-doubt over punchy drum fills and electric guitar riffs.

Another notable track, ‘Open’, begins with the album’s title, “If I said only so far/I take it back” and contains her typical fuzzed out guitars and bold singing.

In discussing the album, Dyson has said “My mission now is to be open to the world as it is, especially at a time where there’s so much division. Which isn’t to say I don’t want change – but in the moment I’ve got to be open to what’s really going on, instead of always fighting against it”.

Previous fans of MD’s work will appreciate this new release, as her songwriting takes a more vulnerable direction whilst retaining the upbeat rock feel of her previous albums.

If I Said So Far I Take It Back showcases a more exposed side of Dyson’s sound, set to nuanced and distorted melodies. If you love empowered female artists and gritty rock, this album is for you.

Dyson has also announced a national headline tour in support of IISOSFITIB, and you can check out the tour dates here.


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