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EP Review: Chasing Giants – ‘Dangerous’

Dangerous is the latest project from Sydney outfit Chasing Giants, serving as their debut EP. After a successful 2017 which included several breakout singles and an improving reputation for their live show, this new project aims to provide new listeners with an accurate first impression of the band.

And that impression is a damn funky one.

In its four tracks, Dangerous is a calling to the inner party animal in all of us, filled with running themes of going out for a fun night with your friends, and both the positive and negative elements that those nights entail.

Some tracks present themselves in either a funky, ‘we’re-hitting-the-dancefloor’ kind of way. Others have a more solemn, sulky vibe, like you’re sitting in the back of a sleazy bar, drinking your sorrows away.

‘Bad News’ is probably the best example of the latter vibe (you can check out our more in-depth track review), with Ethan Conway’s soulful vocals setting a moody atmosphere that matches the foreboding, piano rock.

The only negative of this track is that, despite being an absolute banger, it doesn’t really wear it’s RnB influences on it’s sleeve as much as the other tracks, which makes it feel more like an outlier on the EP.

The track ‘Poison Berries’ gives off a similar rock vibe, but blends the genres a lot better. It splutters with angry guitar chords and a heavy RnB synth lead, smothered in distortion.

The execution of this track is one of it’s biggest highlights, with Juliane Di Sisto laying down some serious attitude on her vocals. With an angry, sassy inflection, she sings about a significant other that she wants out of her life, despite the physical attraction she still has to them.

The other two tracks, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Till the Night Ends’ brings more of a funky party vibe to the record. While there is an element of cheesy cliché to the lyrics, (particularly with the repetitive ‘boy-meets-girl’ story line), what makes these tracks work is the real showmanship that the band brings each time.

The title track is a real sensual number, built around a very tight groove, but at it’s core it’s more of a RnB track, with Madam Parker and Cheyenne bringing a real ‘living-on-the-edge’ drama with their vocal delivery.

The biggest success, though, is ‘Till the Night Ends’, which nails down a fun vibe of friends coming together to dance. The inclusion of some surprise elements, like a brass section, are a really nice touch.

Overall, this EP is a catchy, smooth collection of tunes, ideal if you’re looking for the ultimate pre-party playlist to get you in the mood for a good night out.

Want some rock music that can make you dance? Look no further.

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