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Album Review: CC:Disco – ‘Soothsayer Presents: First Light’

Melbourne DJ CC:Disco!’s fleet-footed climb to ubiquity has not taken place overnight, although many may like to credit her with that distinction.

Years of work behind the decks and many hours outside the booth promoting local artists on her radio show, Smoke and Mirrors, have culminated in appearances at festivals including Dimensions in Croatia and the closing set of Australia’s Pitch Music and Arts Festival.

Now there is a tangible proof, in the form of Soothsayer Presents: First Light. A showcase of exclusive tracks by Antipodean artists, many of whom aren’t household names. A moment to collectively exhibit their wares on both vinyl and digital (each with separate exclusives).

The compilation is a solid build of tracks across a wide variety of musical walks. From funk, disco, soul to house and balearic, its a well represented trans-Tasman banquet. It sounds much like the style CC:Disco! plays with; a journey of genre and unexpected sound.

There are a couple of notable tracks on this release. This includes Hiatus Kaiyote backing vocalist, Jace XL. He provides a silky soul driven number entitled ‘Really Want That’. The huskey, soulful tones of his voice melt into the pop synth and sax that harmonise away in the background.

There are some names on here that will have you reaching for Soundcloud and Spotify search bars. Tracks by James i.V, Chord Memory Band and New Zealand’s Manuel Darquart are all highlights of the release.

The final track, ‘No More Words’, has a lighter, ethereal pop feel to it; a sound that almost doesn’t fit many of the songs that precede it. But it gives the compilation a beautiful ending, leaving the listening session with an optimistic outlook.

First Light is a great representation of what Australia and New Zealand is doing in this beat space. Despite each track bringing a new feel, if played out of order there would be a disjointed nature. CC:Disco! is a fantastic fit as curator; her understanding for correct assembly and the local scene is paramount.

SoothSayer Presents: First Light is a testament to the magic of electronic music coming out locally. One hopes this will translate to even more overseas recognition.

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