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Tom Thum’s TEDx talks about ‘What Happens In Your Throat When You Beatbox’

Australian beatboxer Tom Thum has triumphantly returned to the TEDx Talks stage by giving us all an insight into ‘What Happens In Your Throat When You Beatbox’.

Complete with a camera lodged deep into his throat Thum makes history as he delivers the worlds first live on stage laryngoscopy of a beatboxer.

What Happens In Your Throat When You Beatbox investigates just how he is able to produce the sounds he does, looking into the science and physical movements with Dr Matthew Broadhurts.

“Basically I wanted to get a deeper understanding (in the most invasively literal way) of how my art-form worked,” says Thum of the on-stage study.

“I realised that beatboxing had been relatively understudied compared to other vocal styles and I wanted to be part of the story in my own weird way.”

Thum’s second-innings to TEDx marks a noteworthy occasion as his debut TEDx talk back in 2013 has been viewed over 66 million times, crowning it as the most viewed TEDx talk ever.

“The first experience was incredible because it was validation of something I had been doing for a long time.”

“It was at a point in my life where I was beginning to have doubts about the path that I chosen and the exposure to such a different crowd on such a large scale, was exactly what I needed at that point.”

“It opened the door to way more opportunities and gave me wider scope for weird collaborations like this, in which I’m glad the actual scope was smaller cause it was very uncomfortable.”

The intricacies into this musical art form is fascinating and unlike anything seen before on a TEDx.

While also delving into the details of his ‘professional’ work, Thum’s TEDx is certainly required viewing.

Watch Tom Thum’s TEDx Talk below.

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