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The Paper Kites’ Josh Bentley on his fave Aussie albums of the past year

Melbourne indie folk outfit The Paper Kites have a lot to celebrate with their song ‘Bloom’ being certified gold in the US, and recently announcing their new album On The Corner Where You Live which is set for release on September 21, the quintet’s melancholic, mid-tempo companion to the recently released album, On The Train Ride Home.

It’s unsurprising that the Kites are big supporters of fellow Aussie artists, and we asked drummer Josh Bentley to share with us his top five Australian albums of the past year.

City Calm Down – Echoes in Blue

I’ve always been a fan of these Melbourne boys. Yet again City Calm Down have got me toe tapping and air drumming along in my car. The soaring synths, elegant rhythms, and chiming guitar lines takes me on a musical journey.

Jacks vocals get me every time; I find his voice intriguing and always draws me in. My favourite track is ‘In This Modern Land’.

Middle Kids – Lost Friends

This is by far my favourite Aussie realise in the last year or so. From indie pop rock to piano ballads this album has charisma and charm. This album has been the soundtrack to many long drives and is often on in the background when I’m at home. My favourite track would be ‘Bought It’, it sets up the album well and I dig the gradual build-up.

Angus and Julia Stone – Snow

These guys yet again have cemented their spot as Australia’s king and queen of dreamy indie pop. I have found that this album is best listened to with friends on a hot day with a cold beverage in hand.

This album for me doesn’t have too many surprises, its straight up Angus and Julia, peaceful and dreamy. My favourite track on this album is Chateau.

Hatchie – Sugar and Spice (EP)

This upcoming talent has some serious chops and knows how to write a catchy tune. This five-track EP is a small sample of what the talented Hatchie can do. For me this EP is a breath of fresh air and instills my faith in the young artists coming through the Aussie music ranks. My favourite track on this one is Sure, its fun, easy on the ears and is very catchy.

Marlon Williams – Make Way for Love

I know Marlon is technically from NZ but he now lives in Aus and spends heaps of time here so therefore in my books could be an honorable Australian.

This album feels like its from a different era. After his previous release, its noticeable that Marlon has made this album a coherent piece rather than merely a collection of nice songs. I love how Marlon has swung from a pop track in ‘Whats Chasing You’ into a soulful and emotive track in ‘Love is a Terrible Thing’.

Favourite track on this album is ‘Beautiful Dress’.

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