peta mai – after you

Peta Mai teases debut record with ‘After You’

Sydney singer/songwriter Peta Mai has been hard at work crafting her debut record, This Is Not About You, in anticipation of a September 28 release. She returns now with her new single ‘After You’, which comes as the second taste of the upcoming EP and follows June’s ‘Girl Code’.

‘After You’ is a smooth ride, pulsing along gently, all the while steeping us in a pained and mournful haze. The sombre tone and downbeat vibe might come as a surprise to fans of ‘Girl Code’, as the new track brings light to Mai’s pensive side.

“‘After You’ came from a vulnerable voice inside of me,” said Mai. “My fragility, and fear of loss, deserved attention.”

This Is Not About You will be the first solo effort from Peta Mai, who has already found acclaim during her time in country trio Victoria Avenue, which saw her share the stage with the likes of Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes.

Be sure to keep your ears open for the EP when it drops on September 28.

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