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Perth’s Ukiyo teases upcoming EP with new single ‘Clicky’

Fresh from a support slot alongside Detroit’s Quinn XCII, 21 year old Perth producer Ukiyo is back with a tease of his upcoming EP, Fantasy, in the form of new single ‘Clicky’. Suss out the track before we get started:

‘Clicky’ is as its title suggests; an intricate track, layered with syncopated percussion and bouncing along on a fat bass rhythm.

“I started and basically finished Clicky in one hot Aussie summer day,” says Ukiyo.

“The track started with all the percussion stuff which is why it got that name – most of my tracks start with a silly name like that, but somehow this one stuck.”

Alongside previous single ‘GO’, ‘Clicky’ offers a taste of Fantasy in advance of its release, and hints at the EP’s stellar production quality and cerebral inclinations.

“This EP and the Ukiyo project in general are both all about escapism.

“I’ll never stop being amazed by the ability soundtracks have to take listeners to another world and it’s my goal to create music that does that.”

Fantasy will feature an array of instrumental tracks, as well as collaborations with Sydney vocalist Chymes and Melbourne’s own Feelds. Be sure to check it out when it drops on July 25th.

In the meantime, check out the trippy clip for ‘GO’, featuring Chymes, below.


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