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Paul Kelly ready to rock new album ‘Life Is Fine’

Legendary Aussie singer-songwriter Paul Kelly has rounded up the usual gang for a brand new colourful and upbeat album Life Is Fine.

For the last few years, Kelly has released several experimental albums, but Life Is Fine is “as close to a normal record that I’ll probably get,” he says.

The announcement coincides with the release of the first single Firewood and Candles. The fun and upbeat track is reminiscent back to Kelly’s 80s recordings – a feeling that filters throughout the rest of the album.

“I can see a lot of parallels to those records I was making then,’’ Kelly says of the new album.

A lot of the old gang Kelly has been playing with for many years are back on board for the album, with Vika and Linda Bull on vocals, Ashley Naylor on guitar, Bill McDonald on bass, Cameron Bruce on keys and Peter Luscombe on drums.

“It’s a band with lots of strong opinions,’’ says Kelly.

“I guess our one rule is to try every idea. By playing it you find out pretty quickly whether things are working or not.”

The album title and title track, Life Is Fine, is taken from the name of a poem by early 20th century American poet Langston Hughes.

Kelly has put a tune to the poem, making it the only song on the record that uses someone else’s lyrics and fittingly the album’s closing track.

“At first I worried about Life Is Fine as a title because life is not fine for everyone. But I like the original meaning of fine, as in life is a fine thread,” says Kelly.

“We never know what is going to happen the very next minute, or what is just around the corner.’’

Life Is Fine is set to be one of Kelly’s most powerful albums yet.

Life Is Fine is out Friday August 11.

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