Paul Dempsey. Picture: Dan Boud

Paul Dempsey to release new album on May 13

Paul Dempsey is set to release his second solo album, Strange Loop, on May 13.

The Something for Kate frontman and perpetual venue seller-outerer has just finished a national tour in support of single Morningless and this week released second single The True Sea.

The latter is a seven-and-a-half-minute scene-setting opener with Dempsey’s typical sparse instrumentation and emotionally-driven lyrics.

The new record has been co-produced by Dempsey and Tom Schick (Wilco, Ryan Adams) at Wilco’s ‘The Loft’ studio in Chicago.

It’s been seven years since Dempsey’s acclaimed debut solo LP Everything is True and judging by the first couple of tracks we’ve heard, it’s hard to imagine Dempsey going wrong with this one.

Dempsey said he felt “completely satisfied” with the new record.

“With every new song and each new record you just hope to chisel everything a little cleaner than last time,” he said, “paint the scenery in more precise detail and give some extra dimensions to the stories and also to have as much fun as possible creating all the accompanying noise.”

Check out the video for The True Sea here:

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