Ten top tunes of 2015

Ten top tunes of 2015 to pair with your Christmas lunch

Although some people prefer to pair wines with a meal, you can impress your rellies this year by whipping out the decks and laying down tracks to complement your Christmas binge perfectly.

Whether it’s Tame Impala providing the Currants for your turkey, or praising the Lorde for what has been provided on this blessed day, 2015 has churned out some delicious musical trimmings to go with every aspect of your Christmas.

To set the mood

Florence + The Machine – Delilah
All praise Florence and her emotive tunes. This is probably as close as you’ll get to a hymn without actually going to Midnight Mass.

To start the meal

Tame Impala – Let It Happen
Let there be food; Tame Impala will help you get amped for a good feed.


Sticky Fingers – Ghost Town
Prawns can be messy, and Sticky Fingers sympathise.


Drake – Hotline Bling
There’s no tenuous connection that we can think of between Drake and Christmas ham, but it had to fit in the list somewhere, and who knows, your great aunt might like it so much she takes her wig off.


Disclosure/Lorde – Magnets
If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve reached the point of no return. Keep going. It may seem hard, but Christmas is about eating, so push through.


Foals – Mountain at my Gates
I see a mountain of potatoes on my plate. We’re sure this is what Foals were really referring to when they wrote this song.


Mac DeMarco – Another One
Pav is all about summer vibes and so is Mac. The lazy tones of Another One will ease you into a nice post-feast lethargy.

Drunken relatives

Montaigne – I’m a Fantastic Wreck
Now you’ve gone and done it, you’ve over indulged. Torn paper Christmas hats litter the ground, and your grandma’s dog has stolen the turkey carcass. No one is in any fit state to right these Christmas wrongs.

Family arguments

Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight
Listen to Alabama Shakes and stifle the urge to tell your uncle that you know he dyes his hair. It’s not worth the fight.

Boxing Day

Blur – Lonesome Street
Christmas day was a little hazy, but Blur will soothe your aching head as you cocoon yourself in bed, too hot to have the quilt on but too lazy to get up.

Christmas doesn’t just have to be about Michael Bublé and corny carols. Adding some tinsel to the year’s faves can be just as festive.

Which songs will be on your Christmas lunch playlist this year?

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