Oh My My releases new track ‘Woe My Heart’

Sydney producer Oh My My is back with his sophomore release ‘Woe My Heart’, a hypnotic and brooding new single from the artist.

The first encounter we had with the producer earlier this year was with the dark electronica track ‘Animal House’, but he’s now taking huge strides forward and introducing listeners to brighter sounds.

With a beautiful piano and vocal introduction, the song quickly begins to elevate at the hands of an eerie beat that takes you by surprise as it switches the balance up unexpectedly throughout the song.

Exploring themes of heartache and loneliness, the seducing bass line accompanied by rapid percussion plays a tug-of-war with the direction and emotion of the song.

The man behind the moniker, Sam Thomlinson, says the song is mainly about the piano and vocals musically.

“There are moments where I’m really trying to show the heartbreak in the lyrics with disjointed chord changes; other times I’ve tried to use ambient whispering and talking to reflect the feeling of being locked in your own thoughts.”

A perfect dance track to wind down to at the end of the night, the up-and-comer Oh My My’s efforts leave excitement for his future projects.

Peep the new track via the link below.


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