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Maggie Rogers teases debut album with new single ‘Fallingwater’

Maggie Rogers has released her new single, ‘Fallingwater’, with which she is starting the countdown to the release of her first full-length album. The unique sounding track is a good omen for things to come from Maggie and bodes well for her excited fan base.

The song has a very dreamy atmosphere to it, with a laid-back beat combined with melancholic pop chords on the piano. Her vocals take the listener on a romantic trip into the mind of the artist.

The track, almost two years in the making, takes listeners on a beautiful journey, with a surprising turn halfway. The beat slows down, capturing the falling feeling of the song. The vocals continuing to hypnotise as the layers slowly creep back in.

This mid-point shift makes it a unique and unorthodox first single, showing the well-thought-out structural and writing skills that Maggie possesses.

Rogers rose to viral fame in 2017 after Pharrell Williams praised her song ‘Alaska’ for its authenticity in a video that quickly went viral. ‘Fallingwater’ is a continuation of that same vibe, but is more well-rounded, with a perfectly balanced mix.

Rogers knows where she wants to take her sound and sets out to do so with confidence. ‘Fallingwater’ transcends her old work and has us excited for what might come next.

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