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Jebediah kick off 20th anniversary tour

Ah, 1994.

Paul Keating was Prime Minister. Payphones were on every corner and mobile phones were comically large. Australians were still listening to cassette tapes and ‘dialing up’ to access this new thing called The Internet. Justin Bieber had only just been born.

It was an unremarkable year by all accounts.

That is, until an energetic bunch of scruffy teenagers calling themselves Jebediah burst out of the ‘burbs and alt-rocked our socks off.

Jebediah provided a playful, grungy soundtrack to the youth of many now-thirty-somethings, with songs like Leaving Home, Teflon and Harpoon conjuring memories of high school parties, first loves and general teen angst.

Two decades later, the Perth foursome has embarked on a national tour to celebrate their longevity and give faithful fans another opportunity to enjoy a Jebs live show.

The band has already played to sold-out audiences in Sydney and Brisbane, and is winding its way around the country finishing up with three massive hometown shows in Perth.

The tour is a nineties extravaganza, with a veritable who’s who of Aussie alternative rock including Adalita, Bodyjar and Beaverloop dusting off their guitars to join Jebediah onstage.

As part of the show, the band will be playing their debut record Slightly Odway in its entirety.

Jebediah have also just released a twentieth anniversary album, aptly named Twenty featuring tracks spanning five albums from the vintage Twitch EP to their most recent single, She’s Like A Comet.

With various side projects and solo efforts (hi, Bob Evans), you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d missed the dramatic break-up and subsequent press release citing artistic differences – but it seems Jebediah has well and truly stood the test of time.

What’s their secret?

Bandmates Kevin Mitchell, Chris Daymond, Vanessa Thornton and Brett Mitchell put their longevity down to good, old-fashioned friendship and a desire to, well, rock out.

And rock out they will, with remaining shows in Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

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