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Eskimo Joe reissue 2009 album ‘Inshalla’ for 21st Anniversary

Western Australian alt-rock band Eskimo Joe are celebrating their 21-year anniversary with a reissue of their 2009 album Inshalla, due for release August 17. This is the third offering in their reissue series which kicked off in March and follows 2001’s Girl and 2011’s Ghosts Of The Past.

Eskimo Joe was formed back in 1997 when members fresh out of school, Stuart MacLeod, Joel Quartermain and Kayven Temperley decided to perform as Eskimo Joe as a side project of their original band, Freud’s Pillow. After winning the national Campus Band Competition in that same year, they snagged a festival placement and studio recording sessions, which led to their debut EP, Sweater in 1998. Since then, Eskimo Joe have sold over 700,000 albums worldwide and won eight ARIA Awards.

Inshalla is Eskimo Joe’s fourth album and was released back in May 2009. In this, the band opted to let the music take them wherever it led them, rather than creating a focused record. The album title is an Arabic word, meaning “God willing” or “what will be, will be”, which not only reflected the state of their lives, but the concept of the album.

Inshalla will be reissued on limited edition orange vinyl, retaining the same twelve songs as the original release of the album. The reissue CD however, will be comprised of twenty tracks, with the eight bonus songs including demos and their single ‘Thunderclap’ pulled from The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack.

Eskimo Joe’s Inshalla is due for release August 17 and is currently available to pre-order here, check out the track list below.


  1. Foreign Land
  2. Inshalla
  3. Losing Friends Over Love
  4. The Sound Of Your Heart
  5. Childhood Behaviour
  6. Don’t Let Me Down
  7. Falling For You (Intro)
  8. Falling For You
  9. Losing My Mind
  10. Your Eyes
  11. Please Elise
  12. Morning Light
  13. Honeymoon
  14. Thunderclap
  15. Falling Too Fast
  16. Sinners And Saints
  17. Foreign Land (Demo)
  18. Inshalla (Demo)
  19. The Sound Of Your Heart (Demo)
  20. Childhood Behaviour (Demo)


  1. Foreign Land
  2. Inshalla
  3. Losing Friends Over Love
  4. The Sound Of Your Heart
  5. Childhood Behaviour


  1. Don’t Let Me Down
  2. Falling For You (Intro)
  3. Falling For You
  4. Losing My Mind
  5. Your Eyes
  6. Please Elise
  7. Morning Light

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