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Emerson Snowe signs with Liberation Records, drops new single

Emerson Snowe has brand new music for the world and a new label to share it on.

The creative moniker for Brisbane musician Jarrod Mahon,  Emerson Snowe has supported the likes of Ariel Pink, King Krule and GUM.

Now, with plenty of tours under his belt, Snowe has struck up a deal with Liberation Records and has released his latest single through the label, ‘Could You Love Me?’

The music created under the Emerson Snowe project is done in a stream of consciousness style. All songs are written in twenty minutes, and the intention of this is for the music to feel instinctual, like a running thought.

This is certainly evident in ‘Could You Love Me?’, which Mahon has described as quirky ‘ode to his girlfriend.’

With his new deal finalised, expect to see more of him in the near future.

You can watch the self directed video for ‘Could You Love Me?’ here:

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