Dave Grohl’s new project ‘Play’ out now

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has announced a new project, Play. The concept: a mini-documentary series. Grohl’s inspiration for this unique, two-part project is to inspire music education for school children.

Part One documents the process and challenges of Grohl’s performance project. He compares the challenges and continued efforts that students face in their pursuit of learning an instrument to that of a world class musician.

This includes a discussion with Grohl on his passion for playing music and the lifelong connection he keeps with instruments.

Part Two is the culmination of everything outlined in Part One; a ‘one-man’ performance from Grohl. We at Music Insight don’t want to spoil the fun, but you’ll be able to see an impassioned Grohl as he plays all seven instruments live.

“Watching my kids start to play music and learn to sing or play drums, it brings me back to the time when I was their age listening to albums, learning from listening,” explains Grohl.

“And even now, as a 49-year-old man, I’m still trying to figure it out.”

Clocking in at twenty three minutes, Grohl’s performance had to be meticulous, forcing a retake at the slightest mistake or imperfection.

The Play project may have been a Grohl masterclass but behind the scenes he had assistance from a few industry heavyweights.

Grohl took on directorial duties and was assisted by previous collaborator Mark Monroe and Brandon Trost (who has worked on critically acclaimed films The Disaster Artist and This Is The End), who shot the two parts in classic black and white, whilst Darrell Thorp manned the controls that caught the sounds.

You can interact with the Play project here, and it’s available for purchase through all major retailers. For those interested, there will be a special edition vinyl released on the 28th of September.

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