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Daniel Johns & Luke Steele team up for new band DREAMS, unleash explosive first single ‘No One Defeats Us’

Australian music royalty Daniel Johns (of Silverchair fame) and Luke Steele (one half of Empire of the Sun) have announced a joint collaboration, entitled DREAMS.

DREAMS is born out of a long running friendship between the two master musicians.

In 2004, Steele’s band The Sleepy Jackson supported Silverchair on their sold-out Diorama tour, and Johns recalled the connection between the two was “instant.”

Along with announcing their collaboration, the duo has also offered insight into the musical direction the project will take, with the release of upbeat first single ‘No One Defeats Us’.

The new track was written and produced by the duo, and was recorded at Luke Steele’s studio in Los Angeles.

Launching off the thick and distorted percussion, Steele provides uplifting vocals amongst distorted synthesisers, funky bass and noodling guitars, before Johns’s tradesmark falsetto vocals arrive at the songs crescendo.

“We wanted to go with something first that said, ‘we are here to rip your head off’,” explains Johns.

“This song is not really what people would expect from Luke and I, we’re not making super-complex music with lots of unusual chords this time.

“We are trying to paint this really intricate pulse. We find what resonates and try to make that pulse stronger.”

“The song is the whole genesis of the band. This is where it all started for us,” adds Steele.

“Me and Dan excel and struggle on similar levels.

“We have so much passion and we are so ambitious. That song came from a time when we were beginning the band and we needed something deep.

“I wanted to build a gang – like a gang of the future. We want the band to be for the common man, the underdog, the homeless, the person who shows love to his neighbour.”

DREAMS are set to make their live debut at Coachella in April. They are the only band ever to be booked for the festival before releasing any music.

As the lovechild of two of Australia’s most prolific and admired songwriters, DREAMS is shaping up to be a dream we will never want to wake up from.

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