Sally Seltmann

Collaboration queen shifts focus to solo career

We’re all given 24 hours a day to play with, but Sally Seltmann is one of those people who seems to fit more in than the rest of us can manage.

The New Buffalo singer-songwriter is well-known for her collaborations, wearing of multiple hats, irons in fires, fingers in pies and, well, you get the picture.

Like a small child left alone in a room, you know when things go quiet they’re usually up to something – and such is the case with Seltmann, who is now based in LA.

Earlier this year, she launched her own record label Three of Hearts, under which she’s been busily re-issuing her entire back catalogue along with new single We Are The Music.

We recently caught up with Seltmann to see what’s been going down.

What have you been up to in LA?

I’ve had a very busy year and a half doing lots of songwriting in LA. At the moment I’m writing songs with Susanna Hoffs for her next EP or album. This has been amazing, as I’m a huge fan of The Bangles and her solo work, plus she’s really great to work with. I’ve also been writing songs for other singers, as well as writing and recording some new songs for my side project Alphabet Botanical. I have also done some feature vocals (and writing) with other artists, including Clementine & the Galaxy, and, I have played a few shows over here, and just started slowly writing for a new solo album for me. It’s been pretty nuts, but I’ve been enjoying it.

What’s the most Hollywood thing that has happened to you so far?

There have been many incredible moments, and I have met a lot of very successful people, but my favourite moments include finding out that Anais Nin lived down the road from where I live, and visiting the house that Marilyn Monroe died in. Also, I find the whole celebrity thing is sort of fun, only for a few moments, and then you get over it a bit. It’s the beaches, and things like Joshua Tree National Park, and the amazing hikes through mountain ranges that I love. Downtown LA is becoming an exciting part of town, with lots of new galleries popping up.

Can you tell us about Three of Hearts? What inspired you to create your own label?

The main reason I started my label Three Of Hearts was so I could re-issue my back catalogue. I had also collaborated with some other musicians to make the song We Are the Music, which I released earlier this year on the label. We made a really fun film clip, shot in downtown LA. I’ve always loved doing things in a pretty DIY, independent way, so starting the label felt like a good step for me. I also just co-released the song Musical Jungle through Three Of Hearts. That’s a super upbeat song from Alphabet Botanical.

What’s the idea behind re-issuing your back catalogue?

I just thought there might be some fans, new or old, who may not have heard my early New Buffalo albums. Plus, I know people still buy my 2010 album Heart That’s Pounding, so I wanted to make that one available again.

Will there be any extras or goodies on the re-releases?

The re-issue of Heart That’s Pounding has two new acoustic versions of Harmony To My Heartbeat and You’re Always.

Can we expect a new album or tour anytime soon?

I’m just starting to write for, and think about ideas for a new solo album. I’m hoping to have enough songs written for that by the end of the year, so that I could begin recording in December or so. I hope to play in Australia later this year or early next year.

Do you keep in touch with Sarah Blasko and Holly Throsby from Seeker Lover Keeper? Any chance there will be some new music from the three of you anytime soon?

I’m still really good friends with Sarah and Holly and we all stay in touch. I’d love to make another Seeker Lover Keeper album. We’ll have to see what the future holds.

You always seem to have multiple projects on the go. Is that how you like to work? What’s next on your list?

At the moment I feel like I have too many things on the go! But I have a lot of creative energy, so it’s always fun. With starting to write for my next solo album, I’m about to say no to everyone who wants to write with me for their albums because I need to work on my own solo stuff for a while. I’ve just given a lot of ideas and songs away, now I want to keep some for myself!


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