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Billy Bragg Releases Mini Album ‘Bridges Not Walls’

Billy Bragg has returned to the music world with his impactful new mini album, Bridges Not Walls.

Lacing punk and folk tracks with strong political messages, this album is just as hard-hitting and compelling as its predecessors.

Bridges Not Walls features six tracks in total and is an accumulation of the singles he has released over the last few months, all of which have been greatly received in recent live shows.

“I decided to start dropping tracks as they became ready across the summer, culminating in a mini album. As always, they’re my way of trying to make some sense of what’s going on. And there’s been a lot going on,” says the English singer-songwriter.

The album begins with the powerful, electric guitar driven ‘The Sleep Of Reason’, and then comes to a mournful close with elegant piano ballad and Bragg’s latest single, ‘Full English Brexit’, that speaks from the perspective of the ‘Little Englander’ who’s startled by the changing nature of his country.

Billy Bragg’s messages may not resonate with everyone, but his empathetic approach and fearless honesty are what make him stand out as an artist who is clearly passionate about bringing attention to important issues.

“Music has the ability to make you see things from another perspective, to feel the plight of someone you have never met, in whose situation you have never found yourself,” he writes in his iNews article.

“The ability of music to help make such connections is even more important during these divisive times.”

You can purchase, download or stream Bridges Not Walls via the Cooking Vinyl website.

Watch the full lyric video for ‘Full English Brexit’ below.


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