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Ben Wright Smith releases new single, ‘Storm Boy’

Ben Wright Smith has returned with some brand new music. His latest single, ‘Storm Boy’ was dropped recently.

‘Storm Boy’ sees Wright Smith delve deeper into the world of indie folk.

Wright Smith discussed the inspiration for Storm Boy, “I was looking out over Magnetic Island and some dark storm clouds began to gather on the horizon over the island.

“The song itself isn’t about Magnetic Island per se, but it got me thinking about an island society preparing for a big storm.

“I think maybe being in the uncertain times we are in, it worked as an allegory to what was happening around me.”

After many years on the live music circuit, the Melbourne singer-songwriter has started to take big steps as a recording artist.

‘Storm Boy’ follows on from the success of his debut album, The Great Divorce, that is now finding international success. The 2017 release has been on heavy rotation throughout U.S College Radio stations, even cracking the top thirty.

After a long 2017 of touring and supporting the likes of Pete Murray, Wright Smith will look to solidify his name both here and abroad. ‘Storm Boy’ was launched on August 24 at a party in Melbourne and more dates will be announced soon.

You can listen to ‘Storm Boy’ here.

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