Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland releases ‘Easy’ music video

After a shining performance at Coachella, Australia’s Alison Wonderland has delivered even more with the official video for her latest single ‘Easy’.

Directed by Bo Mirhosseni, the video was shot in LA and comprises of Wonderland dancing in the rain whilst being followed by an unrelenting rain cloud.

The song and sequence captures the turmoil of depression and juxtaposes the isolation of being followed by that dark cloud while others remain untouched.

“When I’m not happy, it feels like there is constant dark rain cloud over my head and it seems like everyone else is in the sunshine. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone,” Wonderland explains.

“I wrote ‘Easy’ on a day I felt like this.”

“The description in the chorus is very literal. I woke up in bed too embarrassed to tell the guy next to me that I was sad for no reason, so I went to the bathroom to cry secretly because I was too scared to be honest at the time.”

The track is taken from Wonderland’s recent second album Awake and follows after the LP’s first single ‘Church’ which was released in February and has received over 10 million streams globally.

‘Easy’ is available now.

Check out the video below.

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