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UKIYO’s Top 7 tips for bands and artists touring Perth

21 year old Perth producer Ukiyo can’t wait for you to get your ears around his new EP, Fantasy, which drops Wednesday, 1 August.

Fresh from a touring run that included a support slot alongside Detroit’s Quinn XCII, Ukiyo has put together some tips for up-and-coming artists who are hitting his hometown on tour for the first time, whether you’re looking for a night on the town or a last-second cable replacement.


Jack Rabbit Slim’s

The best venue around for a mix of top quality DJs and electro-centric live acts.  All themed around the iconic diner from Pulp Fiction.  Be sure to check out their milkshakes, and rock up early for the support acts cause they’re always top notch!

Mojo’s Fremantle

If you prefer acoustic instruments and pool tables then Mojo’s is the place to go.  Never had a bad night here. The acoustics are fantastic as well so you’ll surely be in sonic heaven.  Grab a burger at Flipside next door as well for the ultimate package.


Little Creatures

Arguably the best place for a pint and a pizza, and it’s in one of the best spots in Perth too.  As a recovering Rosemary addict, I highly recommend checking out the Rosemary pizza.

Yagan Square

The newest development in Perth has got a fancy outdoor amphitheater for live music and a huge range of food to satisfy any craving.  Walk another street up into Northbridge and you’ve just doubled your options.

Fremantle Markets

If you’re in Freo on Friday-Sunday, definitely check out Fremantle Markets.  There’s a heap of mini stalls selling everything from hot food to Australian tourist knick-knacks.



Store DJ

It’s certainly not exclusive to Perth but I can definitely back the friendly and overly helpful staff here.  Highly recommended for any of your music tech needs.

Mega Music

Huge range of music equipment from acoustic instruments to electronic production gear.  I could spend hours in there, and frankly, I usually do.

Be sure to suss Fantasy when it drops on August 1st!

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