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Aussie rock supergroup Tex, Don and Charlie return with album and tour

Aussie rock supergroup Tex, Don and Charlie are back after a 12-year hiatus with a new album and national tour.

The trio consists of Tex Perkins (The Cruel Sea), Don Walker (Cold Chisel) and songwriter and guitarist Charlie Owen.

Music Insight caught up with songwriter and guitarist Charlie Owen for a chat about the album You Don’t Know Lonely, while he enjoyed a glorious morning on the Mornington Peninsula.

“We’re all very excited about the new single having gone out to radio and the internet. It’s getting lots of great feedback,” Owen said.

The first track released from the new album is A Man in Conflict with Nature, a hilarious story with comical quote-worthy lines.

The album title comes from the third track on the record, Here’s As Good As Anywhere, opening with the statement: “You don’t know lonely”. Owen described the album title choice as a logical follow-on from the two previous albums, Sad but True and All is Forgiven.

“It carries on their story quite well,” he said.

“Each song is a performance, a moment in time.”

The running order on a record is vital to the trio, as every song must sit in its rightful place. The opening and closing tracks, What I am and How Good Is Life, are perfectly placed according to Owen.

Ironically, although How Good is Life seems miles away from the rest of the tracks on the album with its positive feel-good vibe, it was genuinely written about a lovely day.

Owen said the band was pretty happy with how the album turned out.

“Symphonically, harmonically, the whole aspect of a body of work – you know when you’ve got it right,” he said.

The album carries the band’s distinctive sound, which, according to Owen, is “a really good clear sound, with a gritty edge to it”.

“We prefer to influence ourselves rather than wanting to sound like other artists, we’ve always just wanted to sound like Tex, Don and Charlie,” he said.

The stories told in the songs are comical, yet dark; all based on characters, not exactly real life experiences.

“The surreal imagery will keep people guessing for years after,” said Owen.

Although some may suspect otherwise, there was no significant reason for the length of time between albums.

After taking time away to complete other various projects they found themselves ready to get an album together and “get things moving together again”.

Tex, Don and Charlie will be hitting the road for a 20-night national tour along with drummer Charley Drayton, Steve Hadley on bass and pedal steel whiz Garret Costigan. The tour kicks off August 22 in Sydney and finishes up on September 24 in Darwin.

Owen is hoping everyone comes along prepared and “ready to enjoy the delights that will be served up at every gig; ice cream cosmics and sushi included”, albeit in vocal form of the lead track A Man in Conflict with Nature.

If you’re a long-time fan of the trio or a newbie to the sound, the witty tales being told in the moodiest of ways make for an enjoyable album described by Owen in three words: “smooth and rough”.

“When the three of us get together and make music, there’s a certain je ne se quoi to it,” he said.

Tickets for all shows are now on sale.

You Don’t Know Lonely is out 30th June and is available for pre order.


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