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Q&A: Dylan Joel flipping the blues with ‘Run to the River’

Dylan Joel is back.

Three years after the release of his last record Authentic Lemonade, Joel announced his return into the music sphere with the recent release of his new single ‘Run to the River’.

We got the chance to chat to him about the new release.

You’ve said ‘Run to the River’ was inspired by the idea flipping a blues song. Can you explain what you mean by that?

Yeah for sure! The song chords themselves are actually just a standard blues progression and while writing the story of the song, I decided to incorporate some (pretty typical) blues references to add to the theme. (e.g. ‘Devil whisper’, ‘bottle of liquor’ and the the main theme of the ‘River’ being something holy or life-giving).

Looks like the video would have been a bit of fun to film too?

Shooting the video was a super rad day. We were in a pretty beautiful location and I had a bunch of homies there helping with the shoot, so it was a vibe!

Would you say your sound has changed or matured at all from ‘Authentic Lemonade’?

Hopefully! I’m singing a lot more on this record, and playing a lot more guitar, so they’re probably the main sonic differences.

What do you think about comparisons to artists like Ed Sheeran? Who/what do you consider your influences to be?

I guess there’s not really many people that rap, sing and play the guitar, so Ed definitely makes a lot of sense as a comparison, ha. I honestly find that as a huge compliment, I mean he’s one of the biggest songwriters in the world and in my opinion, probably one of the most talented artists! My biggest influences are probably artists from my childhood, but there’s a real broad mix… Tracy Chapman, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, then 50 Cent, Timbaland, Dilated Peoples, Chance the Rapper, Pharrell, etc.

Tell us about your live shows – for someone who hasn’t seen you live before, what’s your live show like?

Well I do two types of live shows! Solo acoustic live shows which is generally just me and guitar, and one with my live band! I have two homies who play live for me, a drummer and someone who switches between bass, keys and guitar. Live shows are always way more hype and groove-based. Love getting people moving and pretty high in energy.

Will there be some tour news soon?

None as of yet, but won’t be too long.

What artists are you listening to a lot at the moment? Give us your top three.

Hmm. I really fkd with the Jaden Smith record ‘Syre’. I’ve been bumping that album start to finish most listens. I really dig what he’s doing. There’s a rapper singer called Buddy out of LA who I’m really vibing off, and then Daniel Caesar! His album Freudian is probably my favourite record of the past 2 years.

If you could only play one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tough question (I hope it never comes to that, ha). ‘Singer/Songwriter’, if that’s even a genre? Rap will always be super important to me, as it’s played such a huge role in my life and it’s something I connect with. But I feel like the nature and sound of the Singer/Songwriter style brings a more peaceful vibe. I’d enjoy playing that more when I’m old and I think the world could do with a lil’ more of that vibe anyway.

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