Northeast Party House’s Malcolm Besley on gaining confidence as a band

If you have been anywhere near a festival in the last two years you will be well versed on the talents possessed by Northeast Party House.

The Melbourne band, still only two albums young, own an impressive repertoire of party tunes that are fitting for a chill gathering on a Sunday afternoon or a full-on Saturday night rager.

NEPH followed 2014’s Any Given Weekend with 2016’s Dare, both featuring their unique sound in abundance.

They head out to the Perth Festival on February 18th to continue a 2018 that has, so far, featured a visit to the prestigious Australian Open festival stage. Before heading west, NEPH drummer and producer Malcolm Besley chatted all things Perth, festivals and the United States.

“We haven’t really done much in WA. When I think of Perth I think of beaches and laid-back people, so I’m keen to get over there now that the cost of flying isn’t as much of an issue.

“I love playing festivals, it’s definitely one of the things that keeps us doing what we’re doing”, continued Besley.

“It’s always a good environment to be in.”

After a breakthrough start to 2017 saw NEPH perform at both Falls Festival and Groovin The Moo, a tour run across the country cemented their live chops and gave the group a newfound confidence in performing.

“The most memorable gig was the last show of the tour. By the end of that tour we were really comfortable on stage and playing the best we’ve ever played.”

Another highlight came in the sold-out show at Melbourne’s Croxton Bandroom.

I love playing festivals, it’s definitely one of the things that keeps us doing what we’re doing.

“It was a moment where everyone came together onstage.”

You would be forgiven for thinking after such a hectic beginning to 2017 the group would take a break, but they were far from finished. Only days later, the six-piece were on a plane to the United States in an effort to expand their reach.

“It was more to put feelers out to see if that’s something to pursue,” explained Besley.

“It’s good to know that there’s people in the US who are keen to work with us in some capacity. It’s a crazy thing to tackle if you’re not from the US.”

Whilst in the States the band were able to catch a glimpse of one of their chief influences, LCD Soundsystem, which Besley describes as “a good little band moment”.

“There’s six of us writing and everyone has different influences, so if I say what I draw from someone else will say ‘I don’t draw from that’”, detailed Besley.

“Having so many writers is where the diversity comes from”.

Looking forward, Besley laid out the plans for the coming year.

“2018 is all about working on new music and playing as many shows as we can without interrupting that writing process.”

“We’re really trying hard to step up our writing and make the next album as good as the last.”

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