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New York’s Diet Cig talk SXSW, Australian tour plans and… craft?

You get a good idea of how fun a band is going to be when you start off by confirming the official drinking word for the interview.

New York indie punk duo Diet Cig are a hoot both on and off the stage and have just introduced us to their debut album Swear I’m Good At This.

Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman form the duo and sat down with Music Insight to discuss everything from the debut album to making craft.

Today’s drinking word was “South by Southwest”, as the duo had just come from Austin on their second stint at the world renowned music conference. According to Luciano, the chosen word is usually “lighter” because the duo met at a house show when asking for a lighter and of course whenever you get interviewed you are going to be asked about how you first met.

Luciano says they try and keep it as an energetic duo act live on stage and rarely have other band members join. Despite this, they’re not afraid of joining with another touring artist on stage for a jam and are currently working on some Yellowcard covers with Nashville act Daddy Issues as they tour together in the US.

Youth angst is emblazoned all over the album. Lyrically, Luciano pulls no punches and crafts beautiful passive aggressive truths about ex-lovers and awkward teen encounters. She says it all comes from her personal angst and personal experience. “I’m a young angsty kid, it comes from my emotions,” she says.

The album has been recorded in a very different way to the pair’s live performances, says Luciano.

“There is so much energy and it’s raw and rocking in the live show where the record is more nuanced and has more layers.”

Reflecting upon what Diet Cig learned from their second stint at SXSW, Bowman says it’s like a summer camp experience and the insanity and craziness of the experience can put you in some difficult situations; rushing onto stage and playing out of your comfort zone. However, they have developed resilience as a result of their SXSW experience. “If we can get through that then we can get through anything,” says Luciano.

If you’re on the fence as to whether you like Diet Cig yet, then you can’t help but fall in love with the band’s commitment to community causes. Helping out with local rock camp for girls in the US and making craft to raise money for charity – what’s not to love? “We like to connect people, it’s a big privilege to have the platform we do in the band,” says Luciano, reflecting on her wider involvement in the music community.

Diet Cig assure us they are working on an Australian tour, though they’re reluctant to share any timeframes just yet. Now that they have made friends with Australian punk rock duo Hockey Dad, who have a similar guitar shredding style, perhaps they have a ready-made tour partner.

Swear I’m Good At This is out now.

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