Little Fox

Little Fox returns with a new vision

Meet Simone Macarounas, the face of Sydney alt-pop group Little Fox.

Having been in her fair share of bands in the past, she struck gold in 2012 when she decided to go it alone releasing debut single Blood and Dust, which caught the attention of Triple J’s Home & Hosed.

Since then she’s served up her debut EP Warrior to impressive reviews and supported Australian home grown acts like Megan Washington, Hey Geronimo and Buchanan.

After tackling some personal issues last year, Macarounas is eager to begin a new chapter in her music career – one which won’t involve so many compromises to her songwriting.

“All I do with Little Fox is about me, it’s my journey and it’s very personal – it’s my take on the world and my views,”she said.

“Music just took a whole new role, it’s more insightful.”

Under the guidance of Sydney producer Tony Buchen (The Preatures, Andy Bull) Macarounas is now gearing up for the release of a sophomore EP, keeping most of it under wraps until she’s ready.

“I’ve worked with a few people but I feel like when I’m in the studio with Tony he’s completely got the thing covered,”she said.

The electronic hums and beats of sombre sounding track Edits will certainly be fresh to both new listeners and her loyal network of fans. Lyrically, the song is darker as it explores the concept of how our decisions are affected by other people’s input.

In tune with her penchant for electronic pop with touches of indie rock and folk, the new EP is set to be a stellar release.

Mind you, this is all just a little tease of what we can expect from the Sydneysider and she can’t wait for us to hear it.

“It’s really different, my last EP was quite fuzzy and used a lot of auto-tune. Because it was so different I wanted to come back with something that was sharper and slightly edgier,” she said.

Having said that, Macarounas believes she’s stayed true to the Little Fox genre and fans will no doubt recognise it amid the newer material.

“Rather than worrying about whether it is going to impress people, I worry about whether it’s impressing me first,” she said.

“My intention is always to make sure that I’m doing my best, and that I really enjoy it.”

With Warrior already an established success and an impending body of work on the horizon, Macarounas feels like she’s not just diving into the deep end anymore.

“I have a real connection to it and vision, whereas before I wasn’t entirely sure where the music would go or what I wanted from it,”she said.

Little Fox fans will have to wait just a little longer for the slated release of the new EP and forthcoming national tour, but for now they can savour her return to the scene.

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