Husky on the Walking In Your Sleep tour and personal journeys

Known for their indie leanings and introspective lyrics, Melbourne folk duo Husky have just kicked off a national tour that will see them hit every major city before wrapping up in good ol’ Freo on April 21st. We sat with guitarist and band namesake Husky Gawenda to talk Punchbuzz and the ‘Walking In Your Sleep’ tour, which they’re excited to embark on.

“It’s our home country; it almost feels like playing to family when we play in Australia. It’ll be really fun to play the songs again and I’m looking forward to bringing them to the stage,” said Gawenda.

“We’re playing five shows, so in some ways that’s really nice because, you know, we can just throw all our energy into fewer shows rather than having to keep our stamina.”

With almost non-stop tour dates around the world since 2011, Husky have been kept very busy these past few years.

“I never really consider it work. Its more something that I love doing and something that I’m compelled to do. I know that I love playing music. I always have and I have always had a strong drive to write and to share what I write with other people.

“I guess that love of writing and playing is probably what drives me.”

Having spent a year living in Berlin in between touring around the northern hemisphere, the band began working on their third studio album, Punchbuzz, upon returning to Australia, and drew upon their experiences overseas.

“I wrote most of the songs on Punchbuzz when I came home, and I think you can hear the kind of unsettled nature of the person singing those songs, and the surprising and unexpected experiences that I was having. The kind of unsettled strangeness to the album comes from that time in my life.”

I never really consider it work. Its more something that I love doing and something that I’m compelled to do.

Punchbuzz has a different sound compared to their previous albums; a change Gawenda attributes to the influence of Jonathan Wilson, Tame Impala, Damien Jurado, The National and The War on Drugs. Previously, their music was “perhaps more folky and a little bit more acoustic.”

“We’ve loved all sorts of rock n’ roll music, and I guess in this album that sort of rock n’ roll came out a little bit more.

“That was probably encouraged by our producer, Matt Redlich, who I think sensed that kind of direction in the songs that we brought to him and helped to cultivate that.”

The name Punchbuzz itself is a “made up word that came to me one night, and encapsulated what I was going through.”

“I wasn’t totally conscious of what it meant, but I like that about it, because it can mean anything”.

Punters at one of Husky’s upcoming shows can expect a unique and personal experience.

“I don’t like to be too specific about what experience I want people to have because I think everyone needs to be able to have their own experience. I guess we try to create a world and a space where people can do that.

“One of the reasons I really like playing ‘Walking In Your Sleep’ is because we do a big solo section that’s open and different every time. I find that satisfying, you know, to be in the moment and spontaneous.

“We want to pull people out of their lives and let it be an escape for them. Where that journey takes them up to them, I guess. I just hope that people get to have the experience that they need on that given night.”



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