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Hatchie on finding her own sound and the new EP

Up-and-coming dream-pop artist Hatchie, real name Harriette Pilbeam, is just days away from releasing her debut EP, Sugar & Spice. Hatchie took some time out of her busy UK tour schedule to chat with Music Insight about the EP and her upcoming national tour.

“I’m really stoked! Four out of the five songs on the EP have already been released as singles, so I’m not too scared or anxious about what people will think. I’m just looking forward to having it all out there.”

Sugar & Spice is meant to serve as an EP that highlights what it’s like to be a young woman.

“It touches on a bunch of different things, particularly what you go through being a young adult and being a young woman, figuring yourself and your relationships out.

“I wrote all the songs between ages 21 and 24, so there’s a bit about being really happy and being really unhappy, and being confused in your romantic relationships and friendships.

“A lot of it is about love and the happiness that brings, but also the anxiety that comes with that.”

Sugar & Spice has quite a unique sound, something Hatchie attributes to the influences of artists such as Beach House, Yuck, Alvvays, The Cocteau Twins, The Sundays and Teenage Fan Club.

The result is a bit different to your typical indie-pop, something she took great care in developing and making her own.

“I took it really slow and worked really hard on figuring out what I wanted it to sound like and what I didn’t want it to sound like. I didn’t want it to sound like straight up pop or indie-pop. I wanted it to be super glittery, sparkly and lush.”

Uploading her first single, ‘Try’, to Triple J Unearthed in May of last year, Hatchie saw immediate success, and quickly signed booking and management deals.

“It was really exciting, but also a bit scary. When I put ‘Try’ out I didn’t have any other songs properly recorded or ready to release. I didn’t have a live show put together and I didn’t have a band.

“When I was suddenly getting people contacting me about playing shows or releasing more music it was a bit like, “Oh my god, am I ready for this?”

“But I’m definitely ready for it, and it was good.”

Recently playing SXSW over in the US, the reception across the water was pretty welcoming.

“It was so cool. We did six shows and I was prepared for at least a couple of them to be a bit average. You don’t really know what you’re getting because you’re playing little showcase shows where you only have ten minutes to set up on stage.

“But it was amazing, we had so many people at every show and nothing went wrong. It was nothing but positive.”

Hatchie will embark on a national tour in July, stopping in Melbourne, Sydney, and finishing up in her hometown of Brisbane.

“It’ll be our first headline shows, so it’s really cool. It’s going to be a really fun few nights.”

With the Sydney show already sold out, punters that managed to snag a ticket can expect a great performance.

“We try to be pretty true to the recordings while trying to make it as loud as possible. It’ll probably be a bit more guitar-based than synth-based, which I like.

“I don’t really want it to sound exactly the same as the recordings because then it’s like, what’s the point? It’ll be a bit more rough than ready, which I think is cool.”

Sugar & Spice is out now. Check out upcoming tour dates below.


12/07 – The Workers Club, Melbourne

13/07 – OAF Gallery, Sydney

14/07 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

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