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Canadian cover champs Walk Off The Earth reckon you should check out their live show

You may not recognise their name straight away, but you’ll definitely recognise their biggest hit – that cover of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, which featured five people playing one guitar.

The cover, released in 2012, belongs to Canadian multi-instrumentalists Walk Off The Earth and has now been viewed a lazy 178 million times on YouTube.

It’s not hard to see why the group has captured the world’s attention with their unconventional approach and raw musical talent.

Australian fans will get to see what all the fuss is about when the band heads down under for a series of shows in July.

We caught up with one fifth of Walk Off The Earth, Gianni Luminati, to get the lowdown.

How much are you looking forward to coming to Australia?

We are so pumped about it. Most of us have never been and we excited to experience the beautiful landscape and we’ll as a long overdue meeting with our Aussie fans!

What can fans expect at your shows? Will it be originals, covers, or both in equal measure?

It is mixture of some of our more well know covers and originals. The fans can expect to see some very fun things happing on stage. It’s a very interactive experience for all the people in the venue.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Walk Off The Earth, what one thing would you tell them to try to convince them to come to your show?

This show will be the best show you’ve ever seen in that venue.

You’re all multi-instrumentalists. Who plays the most instruments out of all of you?

We’ve never done the math on that! We’re always pushing ourselves to learn new instruments so it’s hard to keep track!

Whose idea was it to start playing with more than one person on an instrument?

It’s something that I’ve been interested in since my early teens. Once I found band of people that didn’t think it was a stupid idea, Walk off the Earth was born.

How long did it take you to get the Gotye cover together (and make it look easy)? How did that song change the course of your careers?

I arranged it in a 12-hour session. We all learned it and shot the video in 17 hours straight will about 36 takes.

Some bands struggle with playing covers in the early stages of their careers – they’re dying to play their own originals but are forced to play a few covers to make ends meet or get some initial recognition of their skills. Did you struggle with that at any stage, or were covers always an important part of your repertoire?

In the first 2 years of WOTE, we only made original music. It’s very hard to get original music recognised on a global scale without record label support, no matter how good your music or band is. Looking to some of our favourite musicians and bands, we started to realise that way more of them than we thought actually broke from doing covers. Artist like Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles and even more modern artists broke from first doing covers. We love putting our own take on really great songs and we will never stop doing that. Just like we won’t stop writing our own originals.

Tour dates

July 27th, Enmore Theatre, Sydney

July 28th, Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane

July 29th, The Forum, Melbourne


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